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Girl’s Day Japanese holiday – March 3rd

This was my first week back at work after the wedding + honeymoon, and it seriously has felt like the longest week EVER! Just a few more days until the weekend!!

Last weekend, March 3rd, was Girl’s Day in Japan and so my mother invited my brother, my *husband* and I over for a Girl’s Day-inspired dinner. I was so hungry that I totally forgot to take a picture of my huge plate! Instead I took a pic of the big wooden sushi bowl that my mom first made the sushi rice in and what little of the sushi remained after dinner.


For dessert, we had Sakura mochi (my favorite!), regular tri-colored mochi and strawberries.


We were stuffed! And my mother wouldn’t have it any other way.

Over the weekend, my husband and I hit our favorite Norm’s for a late lunch…and we ordered everything on the menu! At least, it felt like it!


This side of pancakes wouldn’t fit into the picture. šŸ™‚


Can you believe we ate all of that??!! Well, we took most of the fries home, but we killed everything else!

For a lighter, healthier dinner, I had some natto over some leftover sushi rice and homemade picked radish. Yum!


I must confess that I have been terrible at keeping up with my photos. I haven’t caught a lot of the delicious food that I’ve been fortunate to enjoy! I missed photographing my mother-in-law’s deeelish tacos, a Thai takeout dinner and other tasty Mexican food that I’ve enjoyed — awful blogger! I’ll do better going forward, I promise!

For now, I have to also confess that I think I have a new addiction…gel manicures with Japanese nail art! I got them done last month before the wedding and my hands looked like this for our big day:


LOVED the little accent on my right thumb!


My mother actually helped me select it. šŸ˜€

So today I went back to the salon to have the gel removed only because my nails were actually getting too long and uncomfortable for work. They still looked fabulous actually, so I was sad to see them go…so much so that I decided to get them done again! I decided to branch out and try something new instead of just a regular French manicure so now they look like this:



It took me a long time to select all of the nail art. When I saw the bow, I absolutely HAD to do it!


Love my nails! The color and style are a bit out of my comfort zone, but I really like how festive they look! It also just feels so good to be pampered and feel polished! They are not cheap, but the beautiful thing about gel nails is that they will last me about 3 weeks or longer without looking raggedy like a regular manicure after just a week. I think these will look great as they grow out, too. It will be hard to go back to regular nails and nail polish, but for now I will enjoy my gel nails and nail art for as long as I can!

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March Madness!

Yippee! I’m back, and coming at you with a vengeance!

So, many of you who know me personally “in real life” know that there have been some big changes in my life recently. For one, I recently got married to the man of my dreams! I never thought the day would come (seriously – lol) but our big day that we had planned so long for unfolded smoothly and successfully. We were blessed to be able to spend a gorgeous sunny day reciting our vows in front of many of our beloved family and friends, and everyone seemed to have a great time at our reception, which was a great relief to both of us. It was a lot of work and effort, but I am glad that we decided to have a wedding and reception instead of eloping!

We just got back from our wonderful honeymoon in Tahiti and are quietly recovering from the whirlwind that the past several weeks have been for both of us. Needless to say, neither of us want to ever go through any of this ever again! šŸ˜‰

So, during our time away, my wonderful husband encouraged me to restart blogging…something I had been meaning to get back to but really had no capacity for last year after getting engaged in May and diving head first into the world of budget-conscious wedding planning. I’m back now! Although it might be a little awkward to get back into the habit at first, I’m going to start with something fun and easy for me — food!! I typically take tons of pictures of my (and my now husband’s) food…and who doesn’t like food? For now, this will serve as a repository for all that I capture on my plate and then some. Perhaps it will inspire you, dear reader, to try something different, something new in my hometown of Los Angeles and elsewhere or serve as a reminder of some comfort food from years past. I’ll do my best to post details on what it is that is on my plate, but I can’t promise that it’ll be complete. Generally, I’m starving and the final snap of my iPhone shutter is my shotgun signal to start clearing off my food when I sit down at a meal table. šŸ™‚

With that, let’s begin! It’s March 1st and I’m hungry!

First meal back in the Mitsuwa food court after returning from Bora Bora where it was nothing but French, Polynesian and Western food (not that I’m complaining, mind you!):

Sansai soba (my fave!) and a mini gyudon (yes, I was hungry!)


My husband’s tonkotsu goma ramen – so yummy and hearty!


Dinner two nights ago: 800 Degrees pizza in Westwood

My husband’s Capriccioca (at least that’s what it was called) in the foreground and my deeelish Margherita pizza in the background


Their delicious green salad to supplement the pizzas.


And because the chandelier in the restaurant was so pretty…never mind the iron(?) ox head on the wall behind it!


First home cooked meal made by my wonderful husband:


This dinner was absolutely delicious, in case you’re wondering…fresh, light and healthy…just what the doctor ordered. Also, as you can see from the cerveza pictured, it was also completely sponsored by Trader Joe’s–LOVE them! (Not pictured: A bowl of TJ’s Joe’s O’s ice cream for dessert. Hehe)

Finally, one last one for this blog post:

Diddy Riese sundae with mint chip ice cream (my fave), a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie (nom!), whipped cream and chocolate syrup to finish it off, and a chocolate sundae with peanut butter cookie and chocolate syrup (no whipped cream) for the hubby in the background.


Dinner tonight is at my parents’ place to celebrate Girl’s Day (Japanese holiday) a little early and to share with them about our trip to Bora Bora and Moorea. I will no doubt have more pics of yummy food to post shortly.

More goodness to come. I love to travel and experience different things, but it sure is great to be home, especially with my husband! ā¤ ā¤ ā¤

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Test 1…2…3….

This is a test…I took an extended hiatus from this blog but with strong encouragement from my now-husband (woo woo!), I’d like to start back up…if I can only remember my password! Stay tuned!

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