Posted by: j☆ | March 1, 2010

And so it begins!

Funny how when you sit down to write, the words don’t come. Although, right now, I’m not sitting. I’m laying in bed. And I don’t have a pen in hand but am tapping a touch screen on my mobile phone.

This will probably make me sound ancient, rather than like the 30-year-old that I am (wait…to some, that IS ancient!), but seriously–back in my youth, I had no choice but to put pen to paper to express my thoughts, complete homework assignments, and send mail. And I loved it. I still love it.

But times change and technology advances…I, too, can finally say that I have my very own blog! I had contemplated starting my own blog for quite a while, and at last here it is! Honestly, I am not sure where to start, how to focus my ideas, or even what tone I will use to write here. As with most things in life though, I’ve discovered that I don’t have–or even necessarily need–all the answers. (gasp!) I will just have to give it a go and see how this all turns out!

So, catch me here, if you can! And while you’re at it, drop me a comment, too!


  1. Dropping a comment….ready…1~, 2~, 3! “COMMENT!” hehehe

    • Silly, Reina…aikawarazu! ;D Love you, girl!!

  2. I miss pen and paper too. Back in the day, Ryan and I would write love letters; can you imagine Ryan writing at all? Lol!

    • That is so sweet!! I remember passing notes in school…. None of them were love letters though! 😀

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