Posted by: j☆ | March 2, 2010

It’s goin’ dow~~~n!

I’ve just booked my 71-year-old mama’s skydiving trip! Awww yeah!

Date and time are locked and loaded. Doctor’s ok – check!

You should’ve heard the excitement in my mom’s voice when I informed her that we are good to go next Monday. 🙂

Look forward to pictures and video from that day~~~ I can’t wait!
Skydiving is *truly* one of those things that you HAVE to experience at least once in your lifetime, and my crazy Mommy knows it!

This video is what really inspired her to do it before her 72nd birthday…well, this, and seeing President George Bush Sr. jump out of a plane on the news about ten years ago! (Apparently, this is something he does each year on his birthday. Fun stuff!)

:: Would YOU jump out of an airplane if you didn’t have to??? ::



  1. Tell your mom not to close her eyes, it’s a fun trip down!

  2. OMG! your mom is way cool!!!! I can wait to see her in action are you going to take a video her jump as well?

    • Of course! DVD, photos…allllllll that! 🙂 I can’t wait!

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