Posted by: j☆ | March 4, 2010

Runnin’ through my head…

I’ve been thinking that I need a new running goal. “Just running” is getting boring.

So I’ve been thinking about this:

I actually had been considering a trip to Hawaii for a while…I haven’t been there since I was 12, and I hear it has changed quite a bit. Plus, it would be nice to visit with some of my distant relatives out there, including my cousin’s new baby, son #1.

Besides, I really want to complete one more full, 26.2 mile, marathon for an “even” five total since I started running them in high school. The 2010 site isn’t even up yet (it still has 2009 dates/information) but I saw on some other related blog that this year Honolulu Marathon will be held on Sunday, December 12. This would allow me plenty of time to train for it properly if I start now, and I think I actually would have a pretty good chance to set a new personal record from my last one logged in the inaugural 2007 Tokyo Marathon. At that race in February, it was pouring rain, and I was freezing and completely soaked through to my skin more than 30 minutes before the race even began. (My time for that race was just under 5 hours, at exactly 4:59, which was not spectacular due to all the training I had done all year leading up to the race. However, as I am really not a fast runner by any means, and considering the horrendous weather conditions, it was awesome!)

After five though, I think I’ll have to stick to half marathons. In my ahem old age, my joints just aren’t able to handle the really long distances anymore!

Just for chuckles, here I am completing my most recent half marathon on Jan. 11, courtesy of my dedicated, lovely boyfriend-cameraman-cheerleader extraordinaire.

A new PR of 1:57:42 for 13.1 miles in Los Angeles. Will I dare to aim for a 4:45 PR — or even a 4:30 PR — in Honolulu?


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