Posted by: jβ˜† | March 5, 2010

Sorry, can’t help it. <3 gush <3

If you know me in “real life”, you might know that I haven’t been in that many relationships or dated all that much — something about me growing up a conservative nerdy control-freak whose priorities were school, and then career after graduating from college. Now that I have grown up a little bit and am much more relaxed — living life for once — I find myself lucky to be in a good *healthy* relationship. So, you’ll have to excuse me if I gush here — just a bit!

I swear, my boyfriend must have telepathic powers.

A second ago, just as I was thinking, gosh, I miss him, it’s been a while since I last saw him, he sends me a text message.

Now, I’m really not one of “those girls” who are super needy and always wants to be with her bf. I’d like to think I’m pretty independent (maybe too independent?), and yet still an introvert who definitely needs *alone time* to recharge and keep my life in order.

However, this past week, he has been under the weather, just as I have been since early the previous week, struggling to recover from a cold. On top of that, sh*t is hitting the fan at work, and he’s been busy and super stressed…and so I’ve been trying to stay out of his way to avoid compounding his stress. Poor thing–the last few nights we’ve been on the phone, he has been half asleep from exhaustion, and so I’ve had to cut the calls short despite all that I wanted to share with him and ask him.

Plus, before my layoff, we actually used to work together in the same office (shhh…yes, it was a big secret :)), so I’m missing just seeing him walk by my cubicle each day, too.

So yeah…he’s pretty amazing. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was able to read minds–or even just my mind anyway (trust me…it’s not that easy!). He’s quirky, intelligent, funny, warm…and also really handsome and endearing. πŸ™‚ He was certainly one of the most unexpected, grand developments of my year last year.

Maybe someday I’ll introduce him to you — if you’re lucky. πŸ˜‰



  1. I guess I’m lucky! πŸ™‚

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