Posted by: j☆ | March 7, 2010

Some of my favorite eats from this past week

I absolutely love having this for breakfast at home, particularly when it is as cold (brrr) as it has been here in West L.A.

Peanut butter banana oatmeal topped with cottage cheese, coconut, cranberries, walnuts, and drizzled with maple syrup. (!!!)

Let’s take a closer look.

So hearty, so filling, and so YUM-MAY!

My snack of the week:

Snack time during crunch time!

Oh my goodness this was SO good. It was the perfect hit of sugar that I needed to power through the second part of my translation project: Trader Joe’s mint chocolate chip ice cream topped with a strawberry and banana fruit salad, raw almonds + chopped peanuts. SO SO good!

And then, a post-dinner nibble and drink to recover from one of “those” kinds of days:

Time to unwind!

Normally, I stick with red wines, and my go-to grape is the Cabernet Sauvignon. But I spotted this at the grocery store the other day and realized it has been a while since I had a nice refreshing glass of white wine. The wine that I had was very fruity, a tad sweet, but otherwise refreshing. The best thing about it might be its very reasonable price, too.

Fetzer Gewurtztraminer

The worst thing about it is its name. I can barely spell — never mind pronounce — “Gewurtztraminer” correctly!

Unfortunately, despite having a full day of yummy eats yesterday, including Korean and Mexican homecooking, and on Wednesday when I went out to lunch with a girlfriend to CPK, I was too busy getting my grub on and socializing to remember to take photos! Otherwise, they would have definitely been documented here. Ah well. I’ll get the hang of this food blogging thing eventually!

I hope your week and weekend have been filled with delectable treats as well. Here’s to the start of another glorious week!


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