Posted by: jā˜† | March 16, 2010

All kinds of shakin’

With all the earthquakes striking recently all around the Pacific Rim, I knew it was only a short matter of time before one hit L.A. We had a fairly mild one in the early morning today. Still, it was a decent size one at 4.4 magnitude and it woke me from my sleep. I am so sleepy, chugging coffee right now.

I recall there being many more, frequent earthquakes in Tokyo when I was living there between 2004 to 2007. One of my colleagues at the time said she preferred that the Earth relieve its tension little-by-little instead of one day being surprised by the “Big One”. Problem is, Japan is still expected to see a “Big One” hit within the next 25 years or so. One of many reasons why I felt the time was right to move BACK to the good ole U.S. of A. I experienced one too many strong earthquakes (in my book, meaning magnitude 5 and up!) in central Tokyo at the top of a 35 floor office building, or even on the 6th floor of my apartment building.

But last night was fine…perhaps L.A. earthquakes are more comforting to me than Tokyo earthquakes? An occasional greeting from the Earth saying, “Welcome back! You are HOME!” Why, thank you, L.A., it’s good to be home!


All this after a night when I finally took my first belly dance class here in L.A.! Shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake yo’ bootay, shake yo’ bootay! I took one class when I was in NYC but that didn’t last–what with a commute to Midtown from Downtown after a long day of work, trying to dance in a cramped dirty little studio with 30 other girls, and THEN an even longer train ride home from Midtown to Brooklyn–not my idea of fun in the middle of a work week! I have to say, my class on Monday night WAS SO MUCH FUN! I haven’t moved like that in quite a while!

I first started belly dancing in Tokyo, believe it or not. My gym offered it as a studio class and I thought it would be a great way to crosstrain while I was training for the Tokyo Marathon in early 2007. I totally fell in love with it. It totally made me feel validated for having some thick hips and a booty!! (For a girl of Asian decent, I’m rather *blessed* in this area!) And honestly, it does not look right if a girl is trying to belly dance and she doesn’t have hips, much less any other curves! Even after I completed the Marathon in ’07, I kept up my belly dancing and danced right up until the day I relocated to NYC in August.

So, we shall see where this takes me. Perhaps I may join a belly dancing troupe? Or at the very least, a dance recital/performance with my class? We will see! šŸ˜‰


Lastly, over the weekend, I hit Disney’s California Adventure and Disneyland again with my honey to take advantage of the 2fer Southern California residents deal, and we rode the Hollywood Tower of Terror for the first time. That day, I was just slightly off–not able to handle roller coasters like I typically can–and even the ride California Screamin’ had me shaking at the end of it! But Oh Em Gee…the Tower of Terror was absolutely the scariest ride I have been on to date!!!

I was telling my boyfriend in the car ride down to the parks that I don’t really like those rides that just take you up into the sky and drop you. Yes, crazy, I know, what with me being such a huge fan of skydiving. (But they are totally totally different experiences! :)) Anyway, so imagine my shock and horror when I discover that the ToT ride was even WORSE than those “parachuting” rides.

If you have been on it, you know what I mean. But the ride has a whole Twilight Zone theme going, which was actually pretty cool. Very clever. The ride itself though was NOT OK!!! It not only lifts you up and drops you once…it takes you up at an accelerated pace like you’re in an elevator shaft, and drops you HARD…then you BOUNCE while it picks you back up and drops you at DIFFERENT LEVELS, lifting you higher at certain points…with the highest point being the ONLY time when you’re able to see daylight…. Oh. Em. Gee. There are certain “scenes” that it shows you in between drops with the Twilight Zone theme music going–nee ner, nee ner, nee ner, nee ner shudder.

Yes, kids, the whole time, you are basically IN THE DARK. In a DARK ELEVATOR SHAFT.

HOLY. COW. Was I scared!!!

That ride couldn’t have been over quick enough for me!!! Thank goodness we were seated, and thank goodness there were grips on the sides of the seats. Although, even those were not enough for me. I was hanging onto the actual concrete seat itself, screamin’ MAMA~~~ in my head.

Although, according to the photo that was taken at the top of the ride, I look totally normal! šŸ˜€ Like I’m about to say something–with a completely straight face–to my bf. Lol! I will have to post the photo up later because it’s pretty funny (my bf has it on his camera and isn’t done uploading all the pics from the weekend)!

Are you a fan of roller coasters? Have you ever been on the Tower of Terror ride? If not, would you ever try it? shudder


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