Posted by: j☆ | April 15, 2010

Tax day–Time to get away! ;)

It’s definitely high time for a getaway. I used to travel pretty frequently when I lived in Japan (weekend trips to Korea and Taiwan, week-long and longer trips to Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore…) and in NYC (Miami…DC…sigh), and sadly just haven’t really had the time or resources to since moving back to LA. Sure, there were a number of trips out of town to Sandy Eggo, Santa Barbara and the Bay Area) but I don’t really consider trips within CA to be “real” trips. Hmm…so I suppose Vegas counts, but it was all such a blur over New Year’s….)

In any case, here I go! I didn’t get a chance to post an entry to the blog earlier this week between applying to jobs, cooking/baking up a storm (not sure what got into me all of a sudden!), and getting ready for this trip so I just wanted to drop by with a short note…but be ready for a doozy after I return from my trip!

I’m about to board the plane, so gotta jet! Happy Tax Day! 😉

[Edited to add:] Can I just say thank goodness my international travel itch has subsided temporarily, what with all that’s going on in Mexico and the volcano that’s spewing ash and grounding flights all over Europe! Maybe I’ll have to follow CoCo’s lead and hit up Canada if I really do want to skip the country!


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