Posted by: j☆ | April 29, 2010

This is the great adventure!

This is The Great Adventure!

I loooooooove me some Steven Curtis Chapman!

At one point when I was in junior high school, he was going to be my husband. 😉
Then one day after I had just graduated college, I actually had the chance to meet him and appear (for like 3 seconds) in one of his music videos. (Yes, I am a bonafide “music video ho-fessional”. tee hee ;D Seriously though. Check this out! I appear at 3:04/5 and my body appears at 3:15/16 and 3:19/20. Hey, I’m proud of my 3 seconds of fame! hahahahaha)

Funny how life goes. 🙂

One of my most prized photographic possessions: me and my husband! 🙂

Today, my mind is on something completely separate from music video appearances, meeting celebrities, or even Steven Curtis Chapman…but somehow my train of thoughts have lead me to reminisce on a fun event in my life post-college. Sometimes it’s necessary to remember where you’ve come from, to appreciate where you are now.

C’mon, get ready…for the ride of your life!

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