Posted by: jā˜† | May 6, 2010

First time = fun time in Chicago! (Day 1 Dinner @ Carnivale!)

This is a LONG overdue post…I don’t know how some bloggers are able to do this daily, much less *multiple* times each day!

When I was in Chicago, I must’ve gained at least five, if not ten, pounds from all the DELICIOUS FOOD I was consuming! Yum! But that’s one of the fun aspects of going on vacation, isn’t it? And I am a girl who doesn’t hold back–I like to try everything!

So, the first night, Friday night, Heavy D took me to one of her favorite restaurants in Chicago, Carnivale! It was a Latin-themed restaurant with a really festive atmosphere and DELICIOUS food and cocktails!

Right off the bat, Heavy recommended the Raspberry Mojito. I’m not a huge fan of raspberry due to all those little seeds that get caught in your teeth, or even of mojitos because sometimes all those leaves and things get to be overwhelmingly annoying when you’re just trying to unwind. But I had three words for their Raspberry Mojito: TO. DIE. FOR.

Finally…the first drink of my trip!

Flash off

Flash ON

Happy Heavy D -- flash off

Flash ON

We were both hungry, so we each ordered an appetizer AND an entree.

Their guacamole was SO good….

BUT, my choice of the Scallop Ceviche really hit the spot!! Even Heavy was impressed!

The photos of the entrees didn’t come out very well, so I’ll spare you, but we both decided on chicken dishes…and both were deeeelish.

But one thing that Heavy absolutely required was the dessert. Oh. Em. Gee. Words do not do this thing justice, so here’s the photo first.

Imagine a giant, multi-layered ice cream sandwich cake, with mango, pistachio, and guava ice cream, doused with hot caramel sauce. Yeah. We KILLED IT.

Happily stuffed šŸ™‚

A perfect meal to kick off a long night of dancing at the clubs in Downtown Chicago! (No photos from the clubs, ’cause what happens in Chi-town, stays in Chi-town! ;D j/k We both decided to leave our purses in the car and I wasn’t about to tote around just my camera.) Although, at this point, we were both so stuffed that we could barely move! We ended up hitting up three clubs and having a blast boogy-ing down before heading home and crashing at 4am. So. Much. Fun. I love going dancing with this girl!

More to come on my Chicago trip (soon–I promise!)!


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