Posted by: j☆ | July 19, 2010

Adjusting — still

So. I’ll bet you thought I forgot about this little blog I created a few months ago…. I’m still here. Sorry for having been so quiet the last two months.

I’ve been going through a lot of transition in my life after starting a new job at the end of May. I’ll admit that it’s a really crazy career shift, and definitely a job unlike any that I’ve ever had before…the closest to the military or law enforcement that I will (hopefully) ever get. But it’s been really eye-opening, and actually quite interesting. That’s about all I can say about it online, so I’ll leave it at this. I even have a rather forgiving schedule (i.e. not having to wake up at 2am for an early morning shift, or having to work late into the night–plus having pretty decent days off albeit not the coveted Saturday/Sunday combo). Despite this though, I have been finding it tough to adjust to my new life. On top of that, Summer finally hit L.A., and while I LOVE sunshine and Summertime, I’m not really lovin’ sweating in my uniform by 9am all that much.

Anywho, I haven’t forgotten about this blog–just extremely preoccupied…and often times purely exhausted. Dealing with such large volumes of people on a daily basis, plus their sh-tuff, is truly exhausting! (A couple of times last month, I totally fell asleep while hanging out with my BF. Doh! Sorry honey!) I’ll be sure to nurture this baby more in the weeks to come, especially as I get more accustomed to my new job and schedule, and as I come up with ideas for blog posts. I miss being here. And I realize I still haven’t even completely finished up about my trip to Chicago, and that was back in April! Sheesh. I’ll get to it. Soon. Also, I missed blogging about how my family celebrated Father’s Day, and random other fun holidays…oops. Then there was my awesome first full-on, camping trip complete with a middle-of-the-night bear encounter in Sequoia National Park last week, when I snapped a bunch of awesome photos during a few hikes that I’d love to share here….

First, though…I need to get some sleep. Today was a crazy day. And tomorrow is sure to be a busy one also. Good night, sleep tight, and I’ll hopefully see you back here again soon.

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