Posted by: j☆ | September 1, 2010

Back from a Summer Snooze…it’s September already?

How is it already September…didn’t 2010 just begin yesterday?

It seems I somehow managed to let my blog fall to the wayside while my life ran away with me. That’s fine with me because it means I’ve been having fun. 🙂 But, hang on! I started this blog for a reason, didn’t I?

Earlier this week over dinner, my BF brought up the topic of future career goals and his aspirations…and it made me think…what happened to mine? After starting my new “career” about 3 months ago (yes…it’s already been 3 MONTHS!), I already feel like I’m falling into a rut. Like I’ve got everything figured out, and can’t see beyond the end of the week. A part of it is the nature of the job. It’s serious job, a somewhat paranoid job, and it’s definitely repetitive. Although, if you’ve had an uneventful week, it’s a great blessing. However, I look around me at work sometimes, and I think…is this really what I see myself doing for the next 5 to 10 years? 20 years? 35 years…until I can claim Social Security (assuming it still exists…) or my pension?

I mentioned to my BF over our Indian curries and disco naan, that after a certain point at every job that I’ve had so far, I hit an “I need OUT” wall. This happened at my last job, and even the previous one — which I actually would describe as my dream job. It just took a little longer at the financial company than the others to hit that point because of the steeper learning curve. But at every single one…once I got used to the environment, the department and team dynamics, and acquired the knowledge that I needed to apply to my work and the day-to-day tasks, I hit “the wall”.

I’m sure this probably happens to everyone. Where you hit a point where it’s no longer fresh and new and exciting. Nothing at work is really all that exciting or motivating anymore…except maybe the water cooler conversation. Except, I’ve only been working where I’ve been working for THREE MONTHS.

After discussing his aspirations, in response to my situation and already hitting the wall, my analytical psychology-major BF lovingly says (and I love when he says this 🙂 ),
“You’re too good for 9-to-5.”
blissful sigh

My BF thinks I can write. I don’t know if I can. But what I do know is that I LOVE to do it. I prefer writing over speaking. I have a lower-pitched voice and an easily irritated throat that gets strained in loud restaurants or bars or parties, and I usually end up losing my voice by the end of the night. I hate it when I’m asked to repeat myself. In contrast, written text is defined and clear. I love that I can go back and edit whatever it is that I wrote as necessary–a luxury that is not allowed once you blurt something out. (Yes, it’s difficult to convey tone through written text, and it can be easily misconstrued by the reader…but still…I still love writing over speaking.)

One of the stories my mother loves to tell of me from my childhood is the day she caught me as a toddler with a pencil in my hand, copying out the return address on a mailed envelope perfectly, on my own, before I ever learned to read or write the English alphabet or Roman numerals. (Growing up, I spoke Japanese with my mom and dad at home so technically my first language is Japanese. I started learning English at “regular school” in preschool and with the television.) Whenever I hear this story, I like to think that it was always in my blood to be a writer. To this day, I love sending handwritten cards (especially holiday cards) through the post, and I still make it a point to do this each year no matter how busy I am.

But I digress.

So, here’s to a new month, and a renewed focus on something that I truly love to do. I don’t know if I will ever be paid to write, but at this point, it doesn’t matter. I have a steady 9-to-5 that covers the bills, and in this economy, I’m lucky to have even that. I had fun this Summer, but no more snoozing on my writing. Time to grab what’s left of 2010.

*Editor’s (i.e. Me! 😉 ) note: I hope you continue to follow me on this journey! (And while you’re here, leave a comment! 🙂 )



  1. I love this blog Jamie!! I can’t express it enough in writing but as I read, I felt a story being told about myself. I love to write but I don’t think I’m good enough or have enough interesting stories to grab the readers.

    Keep writing and know that I will read them. In fact, I’m still waiting for Part 2 of the Chicago trip (see I didnt’ forget).

    • Christina, thank you so much for your comment! It really means a lot to me! I can’t believe you remembered that I have to post a part 2 on my Chicago trip! You totally caught me red-handed. 🙂 I will get to that for my next post. Thanks for keeping me on my toes!

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