Posted by: jā˜† | October 9, 2010

Season to Fall in <3

Although we have had crazy fluctuations in the weather in LA recently, the days are definitely getting shorter, and there is a slight chill (ok, so very slight — this is LA after all) in the air at night and early in the morning. I love Summer, but I also love Autumn and all that comes with the seasonal transition. I love that in the afternoon it is still sunny and warm, but in the evenings it’s cozy enough to bundle up in a sweater and scarf (or better yet, with your hunny and some hot chocolate šŸ˜‰ ).

I’m an Autumn baby, so whenever September comes and goes, I feel like it’s all “downhill” until the holidays and the end of year. I love all things pumpkin, squash, sweet potato, and persimmon, and find myself itching to start baking again around this time of the year. Time to start pulling out the scarves (yes, even in LA), and (lightweight) jackets…although this year our Summer was so chilly that I’ve actually already had these items within reach!

One of my favorite Autumns was when I had just returned to the US in 2007 after being in Japan for 5 years. Don’t get me wrong — Japan has beautiful Autumns with lots of foliage and seasonal foods/beverages. But for some reason, I took so many more photos of random things when I was in New York!

These photos are mostly from Prospect Park where I would go running each weekend — that is, until it just got too coldl!
(Please excuse the photo quallity. Photos were taken with my iPhone, usually mid-stride.)

Sigh…there is something about Autumn that is just so romantic!



  1. Nice post Jamie. As always, you capture your thoughts beautifully with words. BTW, the mommy cards. They just give you this warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Awwwww

    • Thank you, Christina! I appreciate your support, always! Btw, Mommys are the best. They always know how to hit that “sweet spot” with care packages…and they always come at the right time! ā¤ my Mommy!!!

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