Posted by: j☆ | October 18, 2010

Because I LOVE IT!

That was my response (at least, part of it) to a question my boyfriend asked me: how it is possible that I can run as often as I do in a single week, and get up well before the crack of dawn TO run for some of my workouts?

Now, my gut reaction was, “I don’t actually run that often or that many miles.” You should see some *real* marathoners, and especially ultra-marathoners (who race distances LONGER than that of the standard marathon, which is 26.2 miles). Compared to those guys and gals, what I do is seriously just a walk in the park. Also, I’ve found that I’m not physically capable of running everyday. Trust me, I’ve tried it.

The most clear alarm was when I was training for the 2007 Tokyo Marathon in the fall of 2006. I tried running every day for about 2 weeks while ramping up my mileage and pace fairly aggressively. I had been running a long time and felt I was in good shape as I was already in the habit of working out hard at the gym to keep fit. Perhaps it was too much too soon. Perhaps it was my flat feet or wide hips. Perhaps it was not enough cross training or rest, or perhaps it was that I was not consuming enough carbohydrates/specific nutrients (I was on a mostly Japanese diet at the time because that’s what was most readily available and I tried to limit the amount of rice I consumed). Most likely, it was a combination of all of these things. I woke up one morning on a weekday unable to jump out of bed as usual. I literally was doubled over with ridiculously sharp pain in my lower back, and could not straighten up. I was just 26 at the time! I nearly didn’t make it into work that morning. So now I know not to run every day, even when my shortest runs end up being 3.5 to 4 miles due to time constraints.

But really, why do we runners do what we do? It boils down to this: because we LOVE IT.

(My actual verbal response to my boyfriend yesterday when he asked me that question was, “Because I’m afraid to get fat.” 🙂 Let’s be real. Honestly. When you have a boyfriend who keeps a later schedule than most, is accustomed to eating dinner at about 10pm and likes to eat pumpkin pie with Haagen Daaz ice cream at midnight two nights in a row!, you’ve got to be engaged in some regular strenuous activity or else your waistline is not going to survive unchanged past a week, much less a month or a year–guaranteed! But even if I wasn’t with him, y’all know I would still be trying my utmost to stay fit and healthy regardless. However, if I hated running, then I’d be doing some other activity instead. Bottom line is, I love to move, and running just suits me best!)

Recently, I have been thinking about what my “next race” will be, and WHEN it will be. As many of you know, I now work on Sundays, and so it throws off my chance to run most races, unless I take time off from work to do it. I think it would be worth it, say, for the next LA Marathon, which is what I am seriously contemplating doing. However, there is a high likelihood that my schedule will change fairly dramatically next year, and at this point, I am still uncertain as to if and how I will be able to participate in a full marathon. I may have to stick with half-marathons for now…but we shall see.

All I know is, my last race was the 13.1 Marathon in Los Angeles (the name of which still bugs the heck out of me!) earlier this year in January, which is way too long ago! For the past few months, I have been content to live vicariously through the racing experiences of some of my favorite So. Cal-based runners through their blogs: Chic Runner , LA Runner and N Her Shoes (although, this last runner’s typos really bother me sometimes so I tend to skim her posts!).

I’ve been hitting a plateau with my workouts recently though, and I really have a major urge to set a racing goal to get myself back into the zone!

We shall see. (SOON, hopefully!)

For now, I’m thrilled to be supporting my boyfriend as he runs the Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles 1/2 Marathon on Oct. 24 in honor of his father! Hopefully, I’ll be able to do a good job as cheerleader this Sunday and support him and his sister, as he was absolutely INSTRUMENTAL in helping me set a new personal best time in January when I ran the Los Angeles 13.1 Marathon! I can’t wait to see my sweetheart in action and on the road! 🙂



  1. Thanks for sharing and I feel you Jamie about this running thing. I love running. I was the person who would actually watch LA Marathon at 8am every year but didn’t actually run. I’ve always loved running but I never actually went running. I either had knee issues, back issues or weight issues.

    Now that I’ve lost the weight, I’m pain free (I still have knee issues) and can go out enjoy what I’ve always wanted to do.

    Running is so much more than just running. It’s “Me” time, a stress reliever, a energy booster, a “keep the fat away” drug, a “live longer” prescription, and so much more.

  2. Hi there! I just recently came across your blog and enjoy reading your posts.

    I agree with you about the daily running. I also love to run, but I constantly have to take a step back and listen to my body. There is no way I could run every day, unless I was doing just 2-3 miles.

    I hope you’re able to find a race that gets you back in the groove!

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