Posted by: j☆ | January 8, 2011

I want to run LA (like I used to)!

For the last few months, in the back of my mind, I have been contemplating registering for the LA Marathon.

It would’ve been a no-brainer if 1. I had a normal weekend (Sat/Sun off); 2. I had a normal job; and 3. I had more money in my bank account (racing is expensive)!

There have just been too many variables that prevented me from registering…not to mention the fact that I haven’t run a single mile in the last 4 weeks due to year-end and holiday madness, numerous Chorus performances, getting sick, and trying to work some overtime!

With just 70 days left to train, I really don’t know if it would be wise for me to run the LA Marathon, much less try to set a new personal record. My last marathon was the Inaugural Tokyo Marathon in 2007 when I logged a PR of 4:59. If I were to run LA, I’d definitely want to PR because it was pouring cats and dogs the morning of the Tokyo Marathon, and I was soaked 30 minutes before the start of the race (and I mean SOAKED: water squishing out of my running shoes with each step, undies soaked through under my poncho and 3 layers to prevent hypothermia in 40 degree temps…good times!). Even my last race, the Inaugural 13.1 LA, was nearly one year ago…and I managed to PR there as well (1:55:20). (What is it with me PRing at inaugural races?)

But oh how I love racing.

Not because I’m super duper fast, or because I win prizes or anything like that. Racing is simply such an awesome experience…the race expo, getting everything you’re going to need for the race ready the night before, not being able to fall sleep from nervous excitement, donning your race bib, Vaseline-ing up!, the energy in the air at the Start before the race, lining up in corrals (and at portapotties!) before the break of dawn with hundreds or thousands of other runners, and of course, pounding the pavement and crossing the finish line NO MATTER WHAT. I LOVE IT ALL.

Racing gives me a goal — a “direction” — in which to run and to grow stronger. Otherwise, it’s all maintenance. After the 13.1 in January 2010, I chose not to participate in any races, and by the time summer hit, I was already experiencing a slump in my running. I ran out of true motivation to run, especially run long distances, even at the beach. Registering for the LA Marathon would light the fire under my seat, and the next 70 days would no doubt be the best intentioned, most efficient training that I’ll have had in comparison to most of last year.

The last time I ran the LA Marathon was back in 1997 with Students Run L.A. right before I graduated high school. The course has been completely revamped from the finishes at the Coliseum in 1995, and Downtown in 1996 and 1997 in the three times I’ve completed LA. I’ve heard tons of great things about the new Stadium-to-the-Sea course that was debuted last year I’d LOVE to run it this year.

I’m still not fully committed to signing up, but stay tuned. I so desperately want to run LA!!

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