Posted by: j☆ | March 8, 2011

Totally MIA (and not like the British rap artist)

I know I’ve been gone for a minute. This was somewhat intentional. The last two months turned into an unexpected whirlwind, and unlike at the very start of this year, I’m happy to be able to say that so many things have picked up/turned around for me!

One of the big changes that took place last month is that my schedule shifted somewhat abruptly, in a good way! I’m working 40+ hours now but have a more “normal” schedule with Saturdays and Sundays off. I haven’t adjusted fully yet to the change, but am hoping to start seeing more of my family and friends during the weekends and on national holidays. So far, so good, and I feel extremely blessed in such a tough economy. And that’s the bottom line.

Another major “happening” that caused a big shift in my schedule is: winning a free entry to the 2011 LA Marathon on Twitter from @MrSalonpas! (Great product for aches and pains, by the way!) It was totally unexpected and awesome because I never win anything, but due to this, I’ve had to ramp up my running from last month and attempt some semblance of training in preparation for the 26.2 miles I’m going to cover in a little under 12 days. (The LA Marathon will be held on March 20!) I’m SUPER excited — and a bit nervous — about getting to run LA after all! It will be a blast, no doubt! I’m hoping to run into (har har) marathoner stars like Edward Norton or Flea and a slew of Twitter running mates while enjoying the Stadium-to-the-Sea course. And of course, I’m looking forward to seeing a number of my friends who will also be running the race, and those who will be cheering from the sidewalk as well.

I may take my camera and commemorate my fifth marathon but we’ll see. Somehow, I would still like to aim for a finishing time of under 4:45 although I’d be satisfied with sub-5. If I do take pics, you can expect a full race report. Otherwise, perhaps I’ll see you all here next month!

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