Posted by: j☆ | March 13, 2011

LA…less than one week away!

With all of the tragic news on Japan, truthfully, it has been hard to stay focused and not feel completely hopeless at times. Even during my last long run yesterday, I had trouble getting into my run with the all of the thoughts of my suffering bretheren in Japan in the back of my mind. Yesterday’s run was pretty much a long sustained prayer for those in my motherland.

However, time waits for no (wo)man, and the LA Marathon is now less than one week away. It hasn’t quite hit me yet that this time next week, I’ll have completed my fifth 26.2 mile race — hopefully in one piece! Today I took it upon myself to study the course map a bit.

Have a peek if you’d like at the Stadium to the Sea v.2.0 course map.

A better view of the course is this animated video — it gets me pumped up every time I watch it!

Wish me luck! At this point, I’ll be happy to match my last marathon time of “just under 5 hours”. This course might be slightly easier than some of my past full marathons because it’s mostly downhill (although miles 4 / 5.5 and 17/18 especially look like they’re going to be painful). However, there is a 60% chance for rain on Sunday. (Booooo!) My last marathon (in Tokyo 2007) was in the pouring rain, and while I’d like to avoid another marathon in the rain if possible, I know I can complete the race on Sunday if I have to. If it’s just drizzling, I think I might have a good chance of beating my PR, but we’ll see!

Ready or not LA, here I come!



  1. any ideas of what attire to wear if it should rain and or prep for and or for afterwards?
    It will be my first marathon ever! and like to prepared though I know one can never be prepared fully.
    thank you for your time.
    Very much appreciated.

    • How exciting that this will be your first full marathon! It’s going to be a great one, regardless of whether it rains or not!

      First, let me definitely encourage you to take a change of clothes! Regardless of whether it rains or not, you’re going to be gross after the race, so just pack a comfortable outfit (including undies, socks, and shoes in case it rains!) to change into afterward.

      How much you actually wear during the race really depends on how much it rains on the day (a drizzle versus a downpour clearly makes a difference) and how easily you become cold. (I am the type of person who gets cold easily.) I recommend layers, DONT WEAR ANY COTTON, and wear a hat (or at least a visor) to keep raindrops out of your eyes! One thing to keep in mind is, when you are wet, you’re going to be suceptible to becoming cold mid-race in the event there is steady wind or breeze. If you can, dress a little warmer than you think you’ll need and wear gloves because that will really help insulate your hands. Extremities are often the first to suffer in the elements. Bear in mind that you can always remove a layer later, but if you’re stuck out on the course for hours freezing, it’ll lead to a more miserable experience.

      This might be all stuff you already know, but just wanted to reiterate…for my own benefit, too! Hopefully it WON’T rain…but then again, my most memorable marathons have been in the rain! Good luck and above all, HAVE A BLAST!!! It’ll be a party on the streets of LA come Sunday!

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