Posted by: j☆ | May 23, 2011

10 days — with 4 more to go!

I have to say that I am truly blessed to be celebrating my 1-year work anniversary in Japan–however, I spent it working until 7:30 pm (was up and running from 8:50 am), and wound up getting back to the hotel at 9:30 pm. I’m exhausted but am still on standby for a possible team meeting tonight!

I have to admit that two weeks without phone contact with any of my loved ones has been really rough. The phone that my workplace provided is not equipped for service in Japan and South Korea, even though they reassured me that I’d be set with an international phone during my trip here. Needless to say, I’m ready to go home! I miss my boyfriend, my family (I missed both my brother and mother’s birthdays–along with a number of other important events that I would’ve really liked to have attended) and my friends…and to top it off, I haven’t really been able to relax at all the whole time here, having to “look after” my four team members (and a plus-one over the weekend), some of whom don’t eat ANY seafood or pork, and none of whom speak a lick of Japanese. sigh. But that’s why I’m here…serving as an Interpreter.

Honestly, I really have had a great experience during my time here thus far. I’ve had a truly rare opportunity to see things, do things, and learn things that NO one else at my job in my position has had the opportunity to see/do/learn, and for that I am really really grateful. I do hope that I am invited back to do more of these trips, and from what I hear, I will likely be coming back out here (to a different region) soon, for a shorter trip next time. (Whew!) Hopefully I’ll have a functioning phone (or smartphone) on my next trip(s) and/or have my sweetheart here with me! Not being able to talk to my family, or hear my Hunny’s soothing voice for the past 10 days has really REALLY sucked. Next time, my boo is coming with me!

Sometimes, I really do think that my bi-culturalness and billingual skills are a double-edged sword. But we’ll see where else it takes me in the near future! I have been through quite an adventure during the last decade, and I know God’s got a lot more in store for me and my language skills!

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