Posted by: j☆ | February 6, 2012

DineLA Part 2: Tavern

I’m on a roll here so before I get carried away with life again, here are some commemorative posts I have been meaning to get to–specifically, my DineLA experiences with my birthday boo!

I’m going to do this backwards so starting with our (technically post-birthday) birthday brunch at the Tavern in Brentwood. The weather was so perfect for brunch on their patio that I swear it made everything taste so much better than it was! Not to say that the food was not delicious–I have to let you know that my boyfriend and I walked into the restaurant still full from dinner the night before (gross, I know–but we had reservations and had to take advantage of DineLA)! Still…we ended up ordering a LOT. We probably could’ve just ordered one entree and split it! Live and learn.

My entree: spinach and mushroom frittata.


A side of ham and a side of berries to share.


My Boo’s entree: brisket scramble.


Wet sea salt–not sure if it’s really called this, but it was very moist!


Already a little pink from my fresh strawberry mimosa, which was really yummy! And very excited about my first experience at the Tavern, which was really interesting overall. Let’s just say we spotted several aging Caucasian women with plenty of “work” done and the aging, disinterested men who fund their work there…although there were some pockets of younger folk like my boo and me also enjoying a nice rare brunch out. 😉


And last but not least…dessert!


Despite how full we both were, there was no way we were about to skip out on this — not with our major sweet tooths….


THIS, my friends, is the Snickers bar.


Make sure you order one if you ever make it out to the Tavern!

I’m ready to run a marathon just looking at these photos! Luckily, after brunch that day we still had the afternoon ahead of us so we decided to have a nice leisurely waddle by the beach.

It was SO gorgeous out that day!



These photos don’t do any justice to what we saw: endless blue sky with a few streaky clouds, lots of sailboats out at sea and tons of people at the beach enjoying the warmth of the Southern California winter day. It’s days like the one we spent that make me realize how truly blessed I am to be here, back at home where I was born.


But more importantly, I am back here taking all this in with my handsome man — Happy birthday, Fernando. ❤


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