Posted by: j☆ | February 7, 2012

DineLA Part 1: Craft Los Angeles

I’m really not trying to turn my blog into a food blog, I promise. However, I just have to share my recent gastronomic adventure and say that I truly enjoyed this restaurant!

Craft’s DineLA menu showcased an enticing variety of their delicious appetizers, entrees and desserts. A delectable multi-course meal, fun atmosphere, ambient lighting, great music and of course a delightful date made for a wonderful dinner adventure. I went into this meal HUNGRY after a very busy Tuesday at work so I was ready to grub. Even still, I was so stuffed at the end of this 2.5 hour meal I thought I was going to burst. At Craft, they feed you. Love it!

The restaurant is located in the center of a business complex in Century City, so after having a little trouble finding the place (ahem, after we parked) we wound up about 10 minutes late for our 6:30 reservation. Even before we entered the restaurant, there was a nice lounge-y patio area with heat lamps that looked like it would be gorgeous to spend time in after a workday in the summertime. It reminded me a lot of the many fun happy hours I spent when I was working in Tokyo. Definitely will have to go back in the summer! Inside, the place was bustling with young people in their suits–with jackets off and ties loosened–having drinks after work in the bar that was located at the front of the restaurant. The dining area just past the bar wasn’t expansive, but it was packed – every table was occupied even though it was a Tuesday night. I’m sure DineLA was to thank for many of the tables being filled, but it appeared there were several Hollywood-types discussing business over a quick dinner like the group dining next to us. As CAA is located in one of the buildings right near the restaurant, there was no question about that what with my boo’s good friend Adam Sandler making an appearance during our meal.

Ok, enough for the set up! About this meal…

Potato leek soup – just a shot full


Super tasty and just a taste. No spoon required.

The next few pictures are a little dark because I was too embarrassed to use my flash in a nice restaurant. However, after bearing down for a photo of our entrees, I discovered it really wasn’t a big deal after all – but oh well. You’ll just have to go to the restaurant to see and try these appetizers for yourself.


Winter Greens Salad – This salad was filled with kale and roughage, but it was nicely balanced with a delicate dressing and Gorgonzola cheese with some other additional ingredients that I can’t remember off the top of my head. Just trust me, it was tasty.


Laughing Bird Shrimp – I have no idea why it was called this but it was delicious!


Duck liver mousse with toasted raisin bread crisps on the side — This was so delicious but so incredibly rich that we could’ve used more crisps! After we ran out of the crisps, I started spreading the mousse on the pumpernickel bread that was at our table (which, by the way, was delicious on its own! alas, no pic) it was so good. Yum.

On to the entrees…


Short Rib Ravioli (mine), Bacon-wrapped Pork Loin (his) and Roasted Winter Vegetables (ours). We shared all 3 dishes of course, and it was all SO GOOD. This is where I wised up and turned on my flash so you can actually see what’s going on in the dishes! I LOVED my entree. The pasta was cooked al dente, and the pockets were stuffed with juicy short rib. Oh so good. By this point, both my boyfriend and I were getting full so it was perfect that there were only 3 raviolis to share.

But wait, what meal is complete without dessert?


Lemon Pudding Cake and Chocolate Peanut Butter Tart with homemade Banana ice cream (not pictured because I didn’t see it hiding behind the bread basket!). Sooo much deliciousness–I loved both equally. But I want to go back for that lemon pudding cake. To. Die. For.


Because I let the waiter know in advance that we were celebrating my boyfriend’s birthday, they brought out this little chocolate cake in addition to our desserts! Awww, look at how adorable my birthday boo looks – so happy to have chocolate cake! 😉

So we enjoyed coffee (him) and tea (me) with our desserts after enjoying our meal with a glass of Cab (him) and a glass of Tempranillo (me). At this point, we were already stuffed. THEN MORE FOOD comes to our table!


We had already asked to have the Chocolate Tart boxed up to take home. Then out comes Snickerdoodles and caramel popcorn (homemade, of course). Finally, with our bill comes two decent size packages of homemade granola to go. After all this food, I was so ready to roll down the hill home!

Seriously, this was not a meal I could eat every night but I really enjoyed this decadence. I definitely want to go back there soon and continue to celebrate life with my boo. I saw a number of girlfriends who had gotten together for dinner, and this seemed like it could be a fun restaurant for a girls-only get together also. For next time though, the patio is calling my name.

Now I’ve got to run a marathon to work all this deliciousness off! Every once in a while though, you just gotta EAT and enjoy life! Ok ok, maybe not just once in a while (see DineLA Part 2 below). Hmmm, and Valentine’s Day is coming up…. Thank goodness my boo loves my curves!


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