Los Angeleno through and through. Former resident of Berkeley, Kyoto, Meiwa-cho, Tokyo, and New York City.
Freshly 30 thrill-seeker.
Avid long-distance runner and (belly) dancer. 🙂
Healthy foodie with a weakness for junk food.
Coffee, tea and wine drinker.
Social media addict.
Dedicated only daughter, big sister, cousin, and niece.
Unabashed girlfriend.
Headstrong yet reserved. Determined yet indecisive. Independent but vulnerable.
Finding my place in this world, while knowing that I am not *of* it.

Lover of life!

Catch me here, if you can….



  1. First post! 🙂

    Congrats on your debut – Nice pic and title!

    Looking forward to your first entry.

  2. I love your pic!

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