Favorite blogs

These are some blogs that I visit regularly. The food blogs are what sucked me into the blog world in the first place, but my friends’ blogs are the ones that truly inspired me to start my own.

Featured blogs

Goodbye Old Paint
My good friend and former classmate from high school and junior high school, who is one of the most creatively gifted writers I know. She writes novels, screenplays, songs…and she sings! This is a collection of interesting snippets that she comes across in her daily life–definitely check it out, and check out her music, too! The Fast Sails


Long Live Fashionocracy!
Created by Alison and her friend Kym. I used to work at the same company as Alison, who is a highly respected VP of the Marketing team (and happens to be my BF’s boss!). I (and others) loved watching her outfits daily with her Gucci heels, Rodarte dresses, and awe-inspiring jewelry. I liked to say that when I grow up one day, I want to be Alison (i.e. badass!)!


Snakes Alive
Two of my former co-workers who are devoted fathers and husbands, rock out in a black metal band together. As Josh put it in a recent post, “we are a band, a band that doesn’t give a fuck!” I love these guys. Proceed with caution! 😉

The Fast Sails
My good friend and former classmate who sings and writes all her own songs. I can’t wait for her next show!!!


Chic Runner
Long Beach-based 25-year-old long-distance runner, who I spotted at the 13.1 Los Angeles race in January! She really has a fun running blog, and I enjoy reading it because *she keeps it real*. Truly, Southern Cali girls are some down home chicks!

Runner’s Kitchen
Mid-20-something New York City-based long-distance runner who has participated in the Boston Marathon (meaning, she is FAST). She’s fun to follow because it’s a peek into the life of someone who is a very gifted runner, and what it takes (i.e. all the miles it takes) to maintain that kind of pace. Also, she likes to bake! and she tries different recipes, which are interesting. However, I do think she eats way too much sugar (even if most of it may be “healthy” sugar), but hey, if it works for her with how much she works out, who am I to judge?

The Inner Workings of a College Graduate
25-year-old blogger and marathon runner in Florida. I like this blog because she has a bubbly, energetic personality that really comes through in her posts. Also, I think she has the most interesting concoctions of healthy foods, and is very creative in her meals. Great for ideas on how to healthify your meals.

N Her Shoes
A 20-something San Bernadino County-based healthy lifestyle/food blogger who is an avid long-distance runner and Christian. There are a lot of typos and grammatical errors on her blog, which in all honesty *can* get a bit annoying, but she is fun to follow as she teaches kickboxing, coaches a high school cross-country team, and of course trains for marathons, all while maintaining a full-time job, her marriage, and her faith!

And last but not least for Running…my personal running log that I keep here:

Running Training Log

Healthy Food/Lifestyle

Carrots ‘N’ Cake
A 29-year-old Boston-based healthy food/lifestyle blogger…she doesn’t have the greatest variety in her foods (usually sticks to variations on oatmeal, salad, and pizza or pasta for her meals), but she takes pretty good photos, and I like the way her blog looks, even if it is a bit cluttered.

Eat, Live, Run
A mid-20-something Northern California transplant from Florida/the South. She is a graduate of a culinary school, and is a wino and a foodie…but currently working on writing a book so has been busy focusing all her time and energy on that. She used to do more baking/cooking, but it seems that just hasn’t had the time or other resources. Some of her more recent posts have been particularly interesting as she’s made friends with a former Top Chef contestant who takes her along for some tasty-looking, drool-worthy meals through Northern California. She doesn’t actually run much anymore due to injuries, but she still keeps very active with cycling and yoga.

Daily Goods
A Washington D.C.-based early-20-something hapa foodie, who loves yoga. Her blog photos are always FULL SIZE, but it’s fine because she usually has some really interesting eats that includes the occasional Chinese food homemade by her mother or grandmother. YUM. She’s got a vibrant personality and a smile to match!

Taste As You Go
Probably the best all-around blog in terms of variety of foods (not necessarily all healthy!), restaurant reviews (unfortunately all are in NYC where the blogger is based), quality of photos and writing, which are crisp, clear, and grammatically correct! She tries out a vast array of recipes and follows the mantra that was given to her by her grandmother while cooking to “taste as you go”. This blog makes me hun-gray!!



  1. you are so sweet and i’m so flattered that I made your favorite blog list. Thank you so much! xoxo

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