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Wedding weekend #1 of 2

Sakura and Nathan finally tied the knot yesterday. I say *finally* only because they have been together for over 9 years, live together and been through thick and thin together. It was a blessed event to witness, and Im so fortunate to have been invited!

This is going to be a series of photos — fairly self-explanatory as it was pretty much everything you’d expect in a wedding — BUT the bride is so creative and gifted that the photos will really say so much more than I ever could here. So without further ado, here are my iPhone pics from yesterday’s festivities!

The Hot Fuzz table



Here comes the bride!


Check out her tights and those shoes!!


Rambo behaving and looking so handsome in his little tux. Awww.


Such a lovely bride! Every girl wants to be a princess on her wedding day….


Oh. My. Glob. It’s Lumpy Space Princess!!


Oh man…it’s Finn and Jake, too! So mathematical!! Check out the detail and proportion on Jake!!


The bridal tent – so cozy!


The Dumb and Dumber table šŸ™‚



Yes, you did see what you thought you saw…


A drawing that Sakura did many years ago for the Man of Honor that he has kept on his wall throughout the years. So awesome!


So original!




She wouldn’t smear cake on his face so he did it himself. Awesome. šŸ˜€


So delish…the cream inside was sooo tasty! I think it was a caramel whipped cream? I’ll have to find out where she got these mini roll cakes.


Having some fun with the photo booth with my boo:

Yaaaaar me matey…come out and play!

Flava Flav Fernando, yes, Mama said knock you OUT!

Finally, we were instructed NO DANCING so we have no pics of Fernando or I bustin’ a move. šŸ™‚ I know you all were dying to see some, but maybe at the next one…which is in less than a week! This year, April and October seem to be extremely popular months for weddings within our circles. No problem. Looking forward to sharing–and making–plenty of memories with great couples who are happily in love just like Sakura and Nathan. Congratulations again, you two! YOU DID IT!!!

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Prayers for the motherland

One year later, the images and video footage from the massive earthquake and tsunami that struck Higashi Nihon still hurt my heart.

Today, I will be spending a lovely Southern California Sunday celebrating my boyfriend’s mother’s birthday with his family. But my heart and mind will not be far from the people of Eastern Japan, sending prayers for the people who are still dealing with the aftermath.

Some photos while I was on a business trip in Sendai in July 2011…evidence of the devastation just 3 months prior.

Gutted businesses and homes

Mountains of debris

Piles of cars

Tsunami water level reached the blue solid line at Sendai Airport - incredible

And last but not least, hope for the future. Lots of support for the rebuilding of Sendai and Northeastern Japan:

Thousand Cranes

Messages of support and encouragement

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I <3 Valentine's Day

I love any holiday or event that gives me an excuse to bake! Today I’ve been busy with these babies for my office…aren’t they cute???

Strawberry cupcakes with vanilla frosting (my boss doesn’t like red velvet cake or cream cheese frosting so I skipped that combination this year).


In a different light:


All packed up and ready to go!


Zooming in for a close-up. Aren’t the heart-shaped sprinkles adorable? ā¤ them!


The rejects…meaning, they’re mine! šŸ™‚


Really, I never need an excuse to bake because I love to do it! But it makes it so much more worthwhile when I have a reason. Hmm…what else is coming up after V-Day?

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